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Can a temporary building provide more public space than it occupies?

[Y/N] Studio are working to deliver 10 no. market pods and a public deck space in Gillett Square, Hackney. The new space is required to provide temporary accommodation for the existing market pod tenants while construction of an extension to their current premises takes place.

The Dalston Deck seeks to replace the public space which will be lost for the duration of construction and is positioned on a carpark which is currently not used by the public.  As such it creates a net gain of public space for local residents. All elements of the containers are finished in ‘primer' red, reflecting their temporary nature while creating a vibrant effect to draw people into the square.

Dalston Deck
Location: Gillett Square, Hackney
Type: Retail, Public Realm
Size: 100m2
Client: Hackney Co-operative Developments
Status: Commission
Date: 2018

Project Team: Alex Smith, Maegan Icke