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Can you create the space, light and flow in a Victorian house, while staying true to its historical character?

[Y/N] Studio were approached to ad a small glass house extension and reconfigure the lower ground floor of a Victorian house in Hackney.

It was important to the clients that the house retain it's historical characteristics and proportions, while accommodating a growing family. The house is very dear to them, and they wanted an approach that resonated deeply with them and their lifestyle.

The clients have a deep appreciation of early 20th century domestic paintings and the scenes they depict. The strategy draws inspiration largely from the work of Harold Harvey, and the idea of framing views through the house. Using datums informed by the age of the house, we use colour at different levels to give the impression of light and space above waist level.

Green House
Location: Hackney, London
Type: Residential
Size: 50m2
Client: Confidential
Status: Tender

Date: 2019 -
Project Team: Alex Smith, Maegan Icke