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Can a co-working space and homeless shelter combine to be mutually benefitcial?

Through a skills exchange system, our proposal combines a reduced rent co-working space with short and medium stay accommodation for London's homeless youth. By tackling these two prescient issues simultaneously, we have devised a pragmatic and achievable solution to help reduce hidden homelessness.  The programme includes co-working within the existing structure and short and medium stay accomodaton in a 2 storey metal clad box above, Sanwiched between these uses is the exchange level where along with provision of phones and computers, there are dedicated spaces for skills workshops, classes and healthcare provisions.

New Horizons Exchange
Location: Camden, UK
Type: Workplace, Residential
Size: 1250m2
Client: New Horizons
Status: Competition
Date: 2018
Project Team: Alex Smith, Ayse Bailey, Maegan Icke, Michael Waters